• Perfect for Arroz Negro.
  • All natural.
  • Large portion - Enough for about 10 recipes.
  • Shelf stable - Refrigerate after opening.
  • Size - 17.6 fluid oz/500 g.
  • Imported from USA.
Arroz Negro is a black rice dish made in the manner of a paella. Tinta de calamar is the essential ingredient, imparting a rich flavor and dark color to the rice. Generally used in sauces and pasta as a coloring agent, squid ink can be used to make homemade squid ink pasta or to prepare 'chipirones en su tinta', a classic Spanish dish containing squid cooked in its own ink. Our squid ink comes from cuttlefish, or sepia in Spanish, which has a smooth, rich flavor and is known for its superior quality. It is superior to the ink of other cephalopods which can be too fishy. This 17.6 oz jar contains a large amount of squid ink, suitable for cooking large quantities of arroz negro or for use in restaurants. It is shelf stable until opened, and then should be used within a week or two.

Nortindal Tinta de Calamar - Squid Ink (Large Jar -17.6 fluid oz/500 g