• About this item.
  • Suitable for children 3 and over..
  • Plush 15" soft bear with 16 second recordable voice module.
  • pouch in back allows easy insertion of recordable voice module.
  • Lovable bear plays your voice message with every hug.
  • Imported from USA.
We are offering a high quality 15" Plush toy filled with our premium non-allergenic patented Fiberfill stuffing. Includes a battery operated (10) second Digital Recorder that allows audio memories to be captured as keepsakes. Use it to record baby's ultrasound heartbeat, or a simple message to someone special. The long lasting and replaceable battery allows your captured memory to be shared many times over. After recording, the digital recorder can be placed in the Plush and secured by closing the Velcro strip cleverly concealed in back. Easy to record and re-record; the recording will play whenever the Plush is squeezed.

PERSONAL Recordable Plush 15" Talking Teddy Bear