• EASY TO OPEN WIDE TOP LOAD LIGHTWEIGHT CARRIER- Wide opening make it easier & quicker to place pets in carrier. Wide Opening make it very easy to comfort your pet in the carrier.. Less Stress For Your Pets with Easy Wide Top Door Access -(Carrier Inside Size: approx:15.38x11.13x9.88 "Outside 16x11.75x9.88").
  • WHY IT'S SO DURABLE-NO ASSEMBLY REQUIREDED-No Fussy Zippers to struggles to open or close..Carrier will not collapse on your pet. Cats can’t claw them and dogs can’t chew their way out of this carrier like mesh carriers..
  • EASY ACCESS AND WELL VENTILATED Open Air Openings-Pet will be able to see you & you can easily your pet. Your Pet won’t feel like they are enclosed in some kind of case or box. No need to fuss with stuck zippers annoying knobs to open and close carrier 2 Large Handles-make carrier easy to carry.
  • KEEP YOUR PET SAFE IN THE CAR-Pet carrrier can be seat buckled onto car seat.
  • NO FUSS SECURE LOCK AND HIDE AWAY CARRIER--Pets can receive medical treatment, shots & still hide in pet carrier.Easy To Clean-A 100% Rust-Free Carrier. We Guarantee carrier works as advertised or your money back..
  • Imported from USA.
See photo for inside size. Fully Assembled -ready to use-no missing part or frustrations to assemble carrier because the carrier is already assembled for you. Lightweight Carrier, Faster Load Time, and claw proof. When you hear a click, you'll know it's locked-Trusted by many Pet Rescue Groups Pet carrier-100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back-If for any reason you’re not happy with the carrier return for a refund your money. Free Gift- Free soft minky fur mat No fuss Secure Lock-Lock click so you know carrier is locked. Cat love them because they resemble cozy basket and you’ll love them because they are so easy to clean. 2 Handles-Make easier to carrier your pet People have used them as bird carriers when they travel on their boat. Pet owner have told us they used them for their chickens rabbits, snakes, squirrels, wildlife & other small animals. Trusted by so many rescues & breeders. "Being a cat rescue we rely on cat carriers to move our kitties comfortably & safely on a daily basis whether it is trips to the vet or to adoption events to find their forever homes. In disasters, such as Hurricanes Katrina & Wilma, the carriers are invaluable for transport out of harm’s way. After Hurricane Katrina many rescue groups networked & moved cats out of the disaster area to their care. We look forward to ordering more carriers in the future.Thanks for everything."Pamela J. Smith Fairy Tails, Inc.-Cat Rescue Miami, Florida Buy one Amazing Pet Carrier today & you'll receive a Free soft foam pillow mat. Can also be used as shopping basket

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