• EASY TO GRIP Walking stick has a contoured brass handle that is engraved for style and easy holding.
  • ARTISAN CRAFTED Indian walking cane is of much finer quality than what you'll find in stores.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS Walking stick wood construction is durable sheesham hardwood.
  • IDEAL SIZE Measures 36"; Standard size of canes and walking sticks for men.
  • NO SLIP DESIGN Safest choice of walking sticks; Includes no-slip rubber tip.
  • Imported from USA.
Whether you like to carry a walking cane to add a distinguished finishing touch to your appearance or you rely on walking sticks to support you, our Handmade 36" Indian Walking Stick is the perfect choice of canes and walking sticks for men to add to your wardrobe. No other walking cane on features a design quite like this one that is crafted to such a high level of precise quality. It's truly the best choice of walking sticks for men with discriminating taste and impeccable style. The Handmade 36" Indian Walking Stick has a stunning design with plenty of Old World charm. The walking stick wood shaft is fashioned out of sheesham wood, an Indian hardwood that has an exceptionally handsome grain. Very hard and durable, the hardwood resists wear and tear, so you won't have to worry about this walking cane becoming damaged even if you carry it daily. Pairing perfectly with the walking stick wood shaft featured in the design of the Handmade 36" Indian Walking Stick is its elaborate handle. Fashioned out of brass, the handle has a striking white silvery finish that contrasts nicely with the dark finish of the wood. The handle is ideally shaped to fit comfortably in your hand. The brass has been carefully worked with hand tools to give it a scroll and floral pattern. Not only is this raised surface attractive, but it also will help you hold on tightly to the walking stick, even if your hands are sweaty. The Handmade 36" Indian Walking Stick was designed with safety in mind as much as style. That's why we place a rubber tip on the bottom of the walking stick wood shaft. This rubberized surface creates friction to keep the cane stable, so that you don't slip on sleek flooring or wet surfaces. Step out in style and safely with the best choice of canes and walking sticks for men on . Order the Handmade 36" Indian Walking Stick for yourself or purchase one of these walking sticks as a gift for a special gentleman. ?

Handmade 36" Indian Walking Stick - Wooden Canes and Walking Sticks for Men - Walking Cane with Brass Handle