• Imported from USA.
    Savor Your Favorites Without Putting On The Extra Calories Peanut Butter, Super Chunk, Reduced Fat adds that extra kick of crunch to your foods. You may use this peanut butter to add zing to your milkshakes or your smoothies. This peanut butter may also be spread on a piece of toast or on your favorite veggies. You may get instant energy too with this butter. Treat yourself in a healthy and fun way with this chunky peanut butter. * May be used in a variety of ways * Tasty to eat and easy to use * Wholesome nutrition Peanut Butter, Super Chunk, Reduced Fat is a fun way to enhance the taste of any food. You can enjoy a spoonful of this crunchy butter on its own or may spread it on your favorite fruit for extra nourishment. Just For You: For kosher families Essential Elements: Peanut Butter, Super Chunk, Reduced Fat lets you enjoy the crunch of peanut without extra fats. Free of: Trans-fats

    Skippy Reduced Fat Peanut Butter-Chunky-16.3 Oz-3 Count