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  • REFRESHING: Our amazing all-natural fragrance is made with eucalyptus & tea tree essential oils that will provide a relaxing and provide therapeutic properties that you will find calming after your yoga workout..
  • EASY TO USE: Just spray your exercise mat, wipe it down and you'll be ready for your next session. You can even use it on your sweat towel it as a contact cleaner..
  • Completely and cleans your yoga mat using distilled water, witch hazel, and a blend of essential oils including mint, eucalyptus & tea tree leaving your mat free of any sticky or slippery residue..
  • ANY MAT USE: Whether you are a Yogi, instructor or student of yoga, Mind Over Lather will safely clean all types of mats and all types of conditions hot yoga or not. No alcohol to dry out your mat even safe for Manduka mats.
  • MULTI-USE: Because it's an environmentally safe product you can use it on anything that you need to eliminate odors or create a calming mood..
  • Imported from USA.
"Fall in love with Mind Over Lather after your yoga session, it's safe enough to use before your workout and afterwards – your mat won't be sticky or slippery after you use it and just leave it smelling wonderful. You won't have to worry about slipping going into a Warrior Pose… It is essential for anyone who uses does yoga regularly or just to keep it clean during casual use. We do not use any coconut products or oils that can make mats and gym equipment slippery. It works perfectly to freshen up smelly gym lockers or shoes. Eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils are in every spray bottle they are naturally Spray it on and wipe clean it is just that simple. It's safe enough that customers use it on their pillows before they go to bed to provide a calming slumber. Mind Over Lather can even be an alternative to dry shampoo that clogs your hair follicles, the uses are endless. You'll feel good that we never test on animals, in fact, you can use our cleaner to freshen-up pet bed or eliminate pet odor – it will even have a calming effect on your furry friends with high anxiety. You can even use it as an air fresher in your house or any room keeping it fresh. If you are only using Mind Over Lather just for your yoga mat, you are missing out on the benefits our cleaner, air fresher and whatever you can think up use it for can do."

Mind Over Lather 100% Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray | Larger 8 OZ Size |Works with All Mats | Cleans and Restores Using Essential Oils Naturally | Calming Lavender Mint